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Black romper dresses can work at any time and any occasion. Loose romper dresses can work well as short, casual outfits whereas, wide-legged jumpsuits have a more sophisticated look and you can wear them at workplace and formal events.

Jumpsuits have become a clothing staple because of their versatile designs and styling choices. Here's how you can make the most out of a black jumpsuits.

How do you wear a black jumpsuit?

Anyone can pull off a classic black jumpsuit if they know how to carry it and what works best for their body type. You need to be absolutely sure about your measurement when buying online. Make sure that it will not fall too low especially if it is wide-legged. Fitted jumpsuits can have hems just above the ankle; pair the former with heels and the latter with flats. Make sure that the jumpsuit is cinched at the waist for a cleaner look – whereas, rompers and playsuits can be rather loose or have elastic bands.

For formal events, you can also layer your jumpsuit with a blazer of contrasting colors. Black jumpsuits are especially preferred by most women because they tend to make one look skinnier.

Are black jumpsuits in style?

The classic black jumpsuit is a severely underrated piece of clothing. But they have always been in style even though the cuts and designs have changed over time. Black jumpsuits look great in both formal and casual settings. Whether they are body-fitted playsuits or loose rompers – they work well as beach or casual wear. On the other fitted, denim jumpsuits in black look very chic and edgy. Jumpsuits have been modified with bohemian styles and patterns to keep up with today's trends. Thus, they are one of the evergreen pieces of clothing, that will certainly never go out of fashion.

Choosing a black jumpsuit according to your body type

Most women tend to be intimidated by the jumpsuit – especially since it is a unique piece of clothing and needs a proper insight into your body type to help you pull it off.

A typical jumpsuit should not be too tight – except at the waist, that will define your figure. If you have an apple-shaped figure, then pick jumpsuits with a halter top, high neck or umbrella sleeves; especially to draw attention from your waist. Unless you have the confidence of Mariah Carey, then you can also go strapless without giving too much.

Tall women can look gorgeous in jumpsuits but make sure that your torso does not end up look too tiny in proportion to the wide-legged, long jumpsuit. You can also pair up flats with a jumpsuit if you are tall but can opt for fitted, heather jumpsuits.

Women with an hourglass or pear-shaped figure look stunning in baggy, one-sided or off-shoulder jumpsuits. Make sure that the jumpsuit is cinched at the waist through ingenious tailoring or with the help of a belt. Whereas, petite and short women should be wary of baggy styles or jumpsuits that are too wide-legged, for they tend to eat up most of your figure. Playsuits and rompers would look best on women with tinier framers – especially for casual wear.

Which accessories compliment a black jumpsuit?

When it comes to accessorizing a black jumpsuit, you can easily go overboard without worrying too much. Most jumpsuits give a rather plain, monochromatic look. Thus, adding accessories according to your sense of style can amp up or reform the overall vibe to your outfit.

A black jumpsuit will look great with contrasting gold and silver jewelry. If you are bling junky then chunky earrings, statement necklaces and thick bracelets go perfectly well with plain, jet black jumpsuits. Then tend to divert the attention towards the jewelry, while making the jumpsuits a perfect backdrop for unique accessories to shine through.

If you have more of a minimalistic sense of style then solitaire and halo pieces of gold, silver or gemstone jewelry – either as pendants, rings or studs will look ethereal, yet sophisticated with a well-tailored jumpsuit.

Lastly, never forget a pair of high heels with your black jumpsuit. Confidently strut your stuff in heeled pumps or stilettos. They add extra length to your jumpsuit – and give an overpowering and strong aura. If you would like to look chicer then you may either go for a more monochromatic look, with uniform accessories and shoes. Or you can add a splash of color to your black jumpsuit with a unique color of shoes, color coordinating with a belt and clutch.

Can I wear a black jumpsuit for a wedding?

Jumpsuits are the best options when it comes to look chic and well put together at a formal event. Often you will find women searching for the same old, repetitive designs for every wedding. But a jumpsuit is not only a safe option will also make you the cynosure of the crowd. The out-of-the-box jumpsuit will look chic and dressy without taking away too much attention from the bride. If the wedding you are attending does not have a formal dress code, then go ahead with a jumpsuit, but make sure that the tailoring is impeccable. You would not like to have a wardrobe malfunction when all eyes are on you.

You can choose from a range of jumpsuit styles for a sleek, yet sophisticated monochromatic look. If you have to attend a rather conservative wedding, then go for a modest jumpsuit long sleeves, wide-legs or a halter top with a gown-like jumpsuit. Whereas, informal wedding ceremonies can allow one to dress up in jumpsuits with slits, strapless, asymmetrical, apron neckline or plunging neckline jumpsuits. You can also go for lacy tops, floral patterns or a bejeweled jumpsuit. Pairing up your jumpsuit with silver or gold accessories will enhance the overall look – be prepared to make our guests envious of your unique fashion sense.

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