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Camouflage or camo is a trend that comes and goes, unlike the other trends that show up, create some hype and at some point, they become obsolete or a thing of the past.

But camo trend never goes out of fashion for too long. They are hundreds of various different camo patterns and various different shades of color that can keep this trend rarely similar and it is very flexible. Let’s dig into this trend and see what it has to offer and remain a unique trend. 

Understanding the Difference in the Use of Camo Patterns 

On average it might seem that it is very obvious but there is a reason why camo joggers are trending in top boutiques. So, let’s cover it for the newbies and rookies who are looking into this trend. They are over two to three different types of camo patterns that are used in different roles, that are: - 

  • Used by the Military in uniforms, these camo patterns are carefully designed & tested along with three or more shades of color before being adopted to ensure that the soldiers blend in within their surroundings.  
  • Used for hunting, paintball or airsoft although,These camo patterns aren't as complexly designed as military camo patterns but they surely still blend in and are perfect for hunting. 
  • Used as in for fashion or on a regular day basis. Camo patterns and the chosen shade of colors can be pretty much be random when comes to fashion as long as the colors aren’t that so dull. 

Issue of Legality for Civilians 

In few countries around the globe wearing any camo related apparel is considered an offence. It can't even be used in the fashion industry. Coming back to square one, as to “why”, well it is due to the fact that the laws on Camo are generally focused around due to the fear of fog of rebellion, some sort of uprising the laws are made to ensure the safety of the civilians as not to be confused with the military. 

The Benefits of Camo Joggers over denim jeans  

They are countless benefits of camo joggers as they match easily with the rest of the clothing in several different colors. They are a lot more edgy, durable and made of long-lasting material. Since camo joggers use a similar fabric as that of cargo pants, they are a lot comfier than the usual jeans. They offer a variety of additional cargo pockets and the camo pattern is an everlasting trend. It is something about the material and the colors in the joggers that keep this trend going, it jumps out at people as it is not too much bold or mute just perfect enough to trigger that satisfaction deep down. The huge advantage that the camo joggers offer over the casual besides all this is that, it matches any outfit due to the multi-color factor that it is enriched in. 

How to Wear (Dos and Don'ts) 

With camo joggers on they are certain things that you might want to keep an eye out for with respect to doing and not doing. 

Do Stay neutral when you’re wearing camo joggers: 

Whenever your matching your outfit with camo joggers grab a shirt and shoes that have a neutral or plain color stick to some decent tighter top, like a bright blue denim jacket, nothing too fancy or colorful let the camo joggers do wonders for you. As for boots you can wear taupe ankle boots, they’re very comfy and edgy with just the right color matching with the joggers. These boots are gaining a whole lot of attention this winter and the season has just started.

Here is a combo that you can consider, try on Baseball Cap with blue denim Jacket for torso, camo joggers along with taupe ankle boots.   

Don’t consider every other camo pattern as equals 

If you take a closer look, you will find hundreds of different varieties of camos. They are urban pattern, woodland camos not to mention they are new versions of these available in the form of pixels. Every camo pattern along with its respective shade has its own qualities when matched with the footwear and the torso. 

Washing/Taking care of camo Joggers 

  • Turn the inside out of the camo joggers with the button fastened and zipper zipped. 
  • To avoid fading the best that you can, is that fill a large bucket with cold water with the decent mixture of baking soda or high-quality but scent free detergent preferably one made just for camo clothing. 
  • Avoid using commonly available household detergent, since it is composed of scent and UV brighteners. 
  • Wash the joggers thoroughly and leave them soaked deep in the water overnight. 
  • Cleanse properly in the cold water, spin ring it out and keep it for drying. 

Instruction for washing machines 

  • While washing use cold water and rinse well, followed by the gentle cycle setting. 
  • Add the compatible detergent or baking soda. 
  • Do not use any fabric softeners or bleach.

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