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How to Wear a Red Jumpsuit

By Muhammad Asif November 04, 2019 0 comments

Wearing red can be a risky choice – you can either become the cynosure or the jester of the gathering. There is no in-between. And a red jumpsuit can be even trickier for there are so many things that could go wrong. However, red jumpsuits can look extremely attractive. Thankfully, there are a few ground rules that can help you look your best in a red jumpsuit.


how to wear red


Choose a Shade that Complements Your Skin Tone

Finding the monochrome jumpsuit that complements your skin tone requires slight insight into how your skin looks like under different lighting and while blushing. If your cheeks flush easily and you have prominent telangiectasia on your body, then wearing lighter hues of red will emphasize them – which can be an unflattering trait to highlight.

Similarly, light-skinned women can pull off shades like ruby red, scarlet, Indian Red, crimson, rusty red, chili red, and lust. These hues have a tinge of orange mixed in them that tend to match the fairness or even the freckles of most light-skinned women.

Whereas, the complexion of dark-skinned women looks more overpowering in shades like mauve, blood red, turkey red barn red, madder, fire brick, and carmine. These deeper, more pigmented shades tend to blend in with warmer skin tones emanating a more natural radiance; without allowing the color of the dress to pop and overpower the wearer’s complexion.

Knowing what works for your skin color is crucial for looking good in a jumpsuit. Try taking pictures in the golden hour or other times of the day when the natural light is soft. The hues on your skin should help you decide whether you have a warm or cool skin tone. Only then you can pick the perfect shade of red for you!

Tone Down Your Makeup

Red jumpsuits are self-explanatory about one’s personality, hence going overboard with the makeup can make one look like an absolute fool. Work on achieving more natural and softer makeup look; thus avoid heavy contour, smoky eyes or even brighter hues like red, yellow, blue or green. Using metallic colors like gold, silver and light grey are safer options. Bold eyeliner and matching lipsticks with the shade of your jumpsuit can look edgy if you know how to carry it well. Follow the general rule that if you’re applying heavy make-up on the eyes, lips and cheeks should be milder and vice versa.

When all else fails, the best option would be to don a bold, red lipstick – the universal glamorous and sensationalized look that will get you everyone’s attention.

Style Your Hair to Give that Old School, Hollywood Look

What could be better than amalgamating contemporary Hollywood styles with a modern, body-fitted jumpsuit? Thus, going with the indie vibe of relaxed curls will do the trick. Especially because of the forever-favorite hit song, Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey.

Avoid extravagant hairstyles like top buns or intricate braid since they end up giving a rather gaudy, overdressed appearance. High ponytails or sleek middle-parted buns also look well with red jumpsuits. 

Accessorize According to the Occasion

 Whether it is a ceremony scheduled in the morning or fancy party at night – red jumpsuits can be carefully styled according to the occasion. Following the theme of minimalism, accessories should be conventional. Silver, gold and black jewelry is a staple when it comes to styling with red jumpsuits. Make sure that your jewelry complements the neckline of your jumpsuit. Pearls, diamonds and minimalist gold accessories are mostly preferred. Studs, loops or statement earrings also work well if you are not particularly fond of neck-pieces. You can also completely skip the jewelry and replace it by wearing a statement belt by pairing it up with your footwear.

Jumpsuits look great will heels, stilettos, and even platform heels – especially if you are wearing flared ones. But make sure that they perfectly match with the shade of red that your fabric is of – if not then wearing nude or black heels is your safest option. Pair these up with a small clutch. And let the dress do the talking.

Most women do not mind going overboard with their red jumpsuits – especially if they are going to a nightclub or a fancy party. Hence, you may experiment with what works best with your personality. But as a general rule of thumb, bright, monochrome jumpsuits tend to look better when there are not too many elements in your look that interfere with the hues of the outfit.  

Don’t forget to Bring Out Your Personality

Impersonate the lady in red that lies within you. The color red depicts the fiery passion and inquisitive, yet subtle sensuality. Own it with a red jumpsuit that is tailored to accentuate your curves. Hence, knowing one’s body type is essential when it comes to looking confident in a jumpsuit. If you have an apple-shaped figure, putting on a corset or shapewear can give you the defined waistline that is one of the defining points of the Lady in Red. Strapless jumpsuits, plunging necklines or sleeveless overalls can look very flattering on most body types if they are tailored to fit you comfortably. Bell bottoms look most flattering on curvy as well as tall women.

In the end, red jumpsuits are not for the basic women who are scared of experimenting a little with their fashion. It takes a certain amount of verve, coquettishness, and boldness to carry a red jumpsuit – especially one that makes you stand out in the crowd. Thus do not fear to exude your fiery, flirty and extroverted personality while strutting in a red jumpsuit – for its certain that heads will turn in your direction! Now it’s up to you that you leave the last impression or become yet another faux pas.

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