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Pleather is not only an alternative but a problem solver especially for people looking for vegan friendly products because unlike the leather which is made from the skin of animals, Pleather is made artificially.

Getting to know Pleather

Pleather or Plastic leather (also known as Faux leather) is an affordable substitute for leather. Its core purpose was to produce a more low cost and durable material than the usual stuff. Pleather is constructed using oil in a manner of formation of plastic which can be a PVC or even polyurethane. It is done by compounding the plastic to the backing of a fabric. 

In its early days Plastic leather pants were frowned upon and considered a cheap knock off, but it is gradually turning into a trend after the fashion industry adopted it. Faux leather is way lighter than the normal leather, and since it is composed of plastic, it does not tend to decompose as fast as a leather.

Spotting faux Leather when buying

You’d be wondering what would the differences be when you’re planning to get yourself a new leather pants, that hey how does one know if this is faux or genuine leather that should be in consideration to pay for?

Judging from the differences between the two can be very challenging, but they are a few things that could help you in getting started:

Witness them Labels

This probably the most obvious approach, to take a look at the label or tag of the leather pants as that you contain some sort of indication as to the material of the 

product which it is made from. Now pants that are made of genuine leather would proudly have it mentioned something like "100% genuine or leather" or "Made of Pure leather"

Meanwhile, there will be no mention of PVC or PU if the pants are made of faux leather in any small or large level.

By Touching and feeling the Leather material of the pants

The first thing that you can do is feel of the skin of the pants, The giveaway is huge judging from the texture and the quality of material. Unlike Pleather, the real leather will seem quite flexible, buttery and smooth. Meanwhile Faux leather pants will be more of a plastic-like material. 

But the faux leather is constructed in a method of a two-layered material, This adds rigidity. Genuine leather is soft and supple.

Smell the scent too see if it’s Leather

Now it's quite obvious that no one can create the scent of the real leather pants this is One factor that can help detect between faux or real leather Pants as the real leather

will giveaway itself due to its distinctive smell.

Faux Leather, Is This just a Substitute or a Better Alternative?

While It is always preferable to get genuine leather Pants over alternatives like Pleather, but Pleather ain’t that bad like faux leather has some benefits In essence,

  • P leather is much more affordable than real leather.
  • It also happens to be animal-friendly, vegans can finally be happy.
  • It can be easily be made in any or every possible color.
  • It is and can be finished in a high gross texture.
  • It requires little or no maintenance depending on the use.
  • It does not crack or fade that easily as that of the real leather and.
  • It is relatively waterproof

Washing/Taking care of pleather pants

Faux leather doesn't need as much maintenance as the real leather. Almost any Pleather pants can be washed with just a simple combo of mild soap solution and water. Some Pleather pants are tough enough that they can even be cleaned using bleach and diluted water to omit much stronger stains due to its synthetic material. Although there is no risk at all of any damage caused by UV exposure on faux leather. In most P leather products UV stabilizers are added to ensure their long life span in outdoor marine like environments.

 In simple words keep the faux leather pants in sunlit room without the danger of the materials color-changing or cracking up. Even if it's raining cats and dogs your faux leather pants would be just fine although at some point they require a small amount of polish after excessive wearing.

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