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Velvet is a fabric that keeps going in and out of fashion. It can make you look extremely elegant or totally out of the place. That's probably the reason designers or fashionistas do not experiment a lot with the fabric. 

velvet jumpsuit

Having said that, velvet has a kind of royal look that you will not get from any other fabric. And it can be a great choice in winters. Here's how to wear and carry the velvet jumpsuit to perfection.  


Floor-Length Jumpsuits or Overalls

Overalls can be paired with long-sleeved shirts for a retro look. Add a bowtie or carry a small scarf to create the wow factor. Spaghetti strapped jumpsuits can also be styled similarly – you can either wear a turtleneck sweater or a button-down basic shirt for the relatively warmer days. These are safer options if you are skeptical about walking around the streets clad in velvet. For a more casual look opt for relaxed, printed, velvet jumpsuits. 

Fitted Velvet Jumpsuits

Fitted velvet jumpsuits can be a little tricky to pull off that is why only the real fashion gurus can strut in them confidently. Body fitted jumpsuits can be paired with sheer tops – especially if they are strapless or have spaghetti straps. Bodycon overalls accentuate the figure already, but you may cinch your waist by wearing a belt to give that ideal hourglass figure. 

Lighter Color Palettes

Velvet dresses, although may seem like a simplistic option, can come off as overpowering if the wrong color palette is selected. Pick out nude, pastel, blush pink or lavender are one of the trendiest light color tones. They will not only make you chicer but will also suit well in semi-professional settings. Buts for a more casual look you can pair them up with undershirts and sweaters as well. If you are feeling more experimental trying out ocher and brown colored jumpsuits can also work well at certain morning ceremonies.   

Darker Colors for the Night Life 

Night events are where you can experiment with darker tones like burgundy, mauve, emerald green, navy blue, and crimson colors. Bear in mind that velvet itself provides darker undertones, thus opting for a black velvet dress might not be an intriguing styling option. Pairing these velvet jumpsuits with chunky jewelry can avoid you from looking too under-dressed at a formal event. Whereas wearing a matching choker with a dark, body-fitted jumpsuit will give you a sleek and sensual look for a night at the club. 

Velvet Jumpsuits According to Your Body Type 

Different kinds of tailoring can help you attenuate your figure. Although there is a general perception that velvet tends to make one look fatter because of the thick fabric; but styling it perfectly is the key! Tall, petite as well as women with an hourglass figure can easily pull off body fitted jumpsuits – wearing long-sleeved overalls with stilettos can emphasize your height. Shorter, pear and apple-shaped women would look great in flared jumpsuits and belted rompers. 

Accessorizing Your Velvet Outfit 

Mixing and matching accessories with your velvet jumpsuit can be quite playful and creative activity. Bring out your inner diva or your edgy side by adding chunky accessories or color coordinating them with your outfit. An array of basic to dramatic ideas can be incorporated to amp up your look. Go for the classic look of matching your footwear with your bag – leather with darker shades of velvet work like a charm in giving you that polished and sophisticated yet dramatic look. 

For a completely monochromatic look opt for fabric in gold and pair it up with statement jewelry in gold to add the vibe of royalty. Shorter jumpsuits that reach up to your knees can be paired with denim or bomber jackets – pairing up velvet chokers with these either in the basic shade of black or coordinating it with your jumpsuit or jacket will give you a more eddy biker or boho look. Faux 

Clutches are a staple accessory whether you are wearing relaxed or fitted jumpsuits; whether they are patterned or perfectly match the shade of your jumpsuit, you can never go wrong with these – nor can you step out of the house without them. Stylists' favorites include velvet clutches of the same shade as your outfit – with straps or chains that match your jewelry. 

Velvet on Velvet – Pairing Up Your Overalls with Velvet Footwear 

One of the best parts about dressing up in velvet is that you can never go wrong with going overboard with it. Hence, a statement look would be to pair velvet jumpsuits with boots, heels or even wedges that are made of velvet. Make sure that the colors match perfectly for an overall clean, monochromatic look. Baggy jumpsuits can be paired with velvet loafers, fitted overalls work best with velvet heels and flared rompers are usually worn with ankle boots or heels. Knee-length rompers can also be styled with knee-high boots – another trend that has been gaining a lot of attention this fall. 

Bottom line is whether you want to dress to kill or simply want to add a piece of entirely new fabric to your closet, velvet should be your go-to fashion inspiration this fall! From retro to modern chic, velvet is one fabric that can be styled in a versatile manner.

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