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Wax Jeans (also known as coated denim) aren’t your regular jeans. They are quite different from the regular denim out there. Coated denim is basically composed of fabrics like cotton, elastane and polyester. They’re finalized with a coating of wax that makes it look shiny like and quite similar as that of leather in terms of texture.

Since the coating is of wax; it tends to be waterproof and can be homemade by using acrylic paint on an available set of jeans. Wax jeans can also be purchased from various different designer labels which are expensive I might add and also accessible with brands that happen to be high-street. In spite of the fact that they are easily and readily available, a lot of people prefer to make their own using the usual pair of denim jeans. It can also be done using a mixture of beeswax and linseed oil in raw form, but acrylic paint dries a lot quicker and is the fastest way to make yourself a decent pair. Ensure that you get yourself in the 2x-3x bigger size as it tends to shrink making it tighter.  

These coated jeans came into being in 2007, but gained popularity only until 2008. Before the trend of waxed jeans, there was a huge hype for leather but they were best suitable for the fall and on the other hand they were quite expensive on average. With the coming of wax jeans, this problem was solved as it is not only more affordable and comfortable to wear but it also looks pretty much the same as leather in terms of the vibes due to its edgy look, smooth and glossy texture.  


Looking into Pros and cons:  

  • Wax Jeans is a very different pair of jeans compared to the ordinary denim. 
  • They have an exciting textural look  
  • They are a great alternative for leather pants, in fact they are more affordable and comfortable 
  • They appear to be quite formal than the regular denim
  • The vibe is sleek, strong and modernized.  

But everything is not perfect:   

  • The texture is different and it will take some time to get accustomed to the feel  
  • It is rigid than the regular denim  
  • It’s probably the hardest garment to when wearing or removing it, since the fabric rubs a lot against the skin.  

How to wear it:  

Considering both up & downsides as discussed can make it quite hard for any newbie who is looking into trying some of these jeans. So, a few hacks for the newbies should help them get familiar with these jeans in different times and events in their day.  

At work  

If you are at work you can try a bright shirt preferably white as it is always the best way to do with waxed jeans. Pair it up with a dark color waxed jean preferably black along with matching color mules or the same pointed. Also, you could top it with a blazer. Now that would look work oriented, smart & edgy.   

Date Night  

Tune up the quality level with the jeans much like the snake-skinned printed along with a top that looks slinky. Ensure that you keep the colors that are matching. Keep the jewelry to the least, cause the coated-denims are your signature theme.  


Point number one, Tuck in the sweater but only slightly from the front of the waxed jeans it is quite fit at the waist.   

and two Pair your waxed jeans with boots such as stiletto ankle boots. Blend it with oversized glasses preferably sunglasses.   

For A Concert  

If you're going for a concert make it cool, edgy and make sure that you don’t wear way too much of layers. Keep it colorful along with waxed jeans in crocodile or snakeskin print even bright red would work just fine.  

How do you take care of waxed jeans? 

Wax jeans is a simple way to increment a little bit of an edge to the everyday denim routine. They are very luxurious and flexible. But like any other edgy denim it employs a delicate schedule to keep its luscious look maintained. Here are few tips related to caring of your coated denim 


 You probably are now thinking that this is an insane idea. Who freezes their jeans? But hey it works. The freezing temperature not only takes care of the odors but also kills the bacteria and other germs. But if you're trying this method, don't put your jeans in a freezer without using any zip lock bags because this would mess up your jeans and also give it a disgusting smell.

At first remove the stains using cold water (Use a little bit of cold water) and dry them up completely, otherwise that would freeze the water present in the jeans. Fold the jeans twice in lengthwise and make them smoothly folded before placing the jeans into the zip lock bags and seal its tight ensuring that no air is left in. Place the zip lock bag into the freezer for a day. By the next day your jeans would be squeaky clean.  

Dry Cleaning 

If your using a dry-cleaning service ensure to be upfront with the instructions to the dry-cleaning service provider on low-heat.

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